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Wisewoman Ceremonies

Traditionally the Wisewoman has the honour of officiating Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Soul Midwifery and all important family rites of passage.

Eva May - The Wisewoman of Wiltshire - knows how to make your wedding or other celebration an event filled with deep meaning, captivating enchantment, and unforgettable joy!

Eva guides happy couples throughout Britain to create bespoke ceremonies that contain the perfect mix of dignified seriousness and playful ritual.

"Charmed" in both Magic and Fortune-Telling, she will fashion and lead you in a spiritually-centered and deeply romantic event.

Eva will help light your way to the ceremony of your dreams, saving yourself worry and trouble. 


Eva is married with children. Alas, her 2 cats "Magic & Mabel" have shown no interest in having a corporate role in the business.

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Ceremonies & Celebrations 
Picture this.....
You've been dreaming of this day and it has finally arrived.
You and your partner alongside closest friends and family are gathered to celebrate your love.
You have the magical venue of your choice.
Your unique ceremony has been written by me especially for you. 
This is the beginning of the next chapter of your life.


As an empath, I feel the unique bond between you and use this to create Ceremonies and Rituals as individually different as your love for each other.

Although not legal contracts of marriage in the U.K, the emotional bond of these ceremonies are everlastingly powerful.

Here are a few of the better known rituals, there are many more that can be included as you choose. 

I am happy to design a ritual that suits your souls.

"Tying The Knot"

With its origins stretching as far back as 7000 B.C, Handfasting is a magical ritual in which the hands of the couple are tied together with braided cords, ribbons and charms. This symbolises the binding of their two lives.


Your Handfasting cords will be especially woven for you within the Energy Fields of St.Michael's Ley Line in the Heart of Wiltshire.


"Jumping The Broom"

Originally a way of celebrating a union of couples where marriage wasn't allowed or recognised. A modern acceptance of this ritual is joining together with a clean sweep and new beginnings.

Your Besom broom will be decorated beautifully and can be available for you to purchase if you would like it as a family heirloom.

"Crystal Blessings"

Using locally sourced crystals intentions will be set and blessed by your guests to show their love and support with your relationship. 


Stonehenge Weddings

The standing stones await your love.

I am over the moon to be able to offer you the Magical Stonehenge Wedding experience. Including exclusive access to the Inner Stone Circle.

Your love will be part of history.

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New Beginnings 

Close your eyes and imagine.


How does it feel to be true to you?

At last you are confident and happy with who you really are. A feeling that is long overdue.

How does it look to be surrounded by your loved ones?

Hear them complimenting you

Love the way that you feel about yourself. Feeling so excited about your future that you might burst!

This feeling deserves celebrating. 

If this is you then click below to begin.

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