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Hello, I'm Eva May

Eva May is The Wisewoman of Wiltshire.

I have been practicing the art of divination for over thirty years and have helped people from all walks of life find their true path.

As a Wise Woman I blend compassion and kindness alongside magic, mystery, and nature.

"She is, in a sense, the Spiritual in human form"

I am fiercely committed to helping my clients find clarity and peace. As a midwife to the soul I will guide you to the next chapter of their life.

In times of emotional turmoil, I am a grounding force for others and will bring balance to those overwhelmed by life.

Who is a Wisewoman?

The Wise Woman is the Crone, the Medicine Woman, the Keeper of the Mysteries.

She dreams the fate of her people, walks between the worlds, communes with nature and spirit, and seeks to understand the unseen mysteries.


Her gifts include intuition, insight, vision and imagination.  


Unofficial Bio

Why so many names?

The Good Witch? The Wisewoman of Wiltshire? The Sequinned Psychic?

In ancient times all villages had a Wisewoman, they would visit them in search of all advice. Health, wisdom and to be enchanted and aided by their special Magical powers. Over time they often became labelled as Witches, we all know what problems came with that label! 

Despite the witchcraft act of 1735 being abolished in 1951, I am legally obliged to inform you that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Am I a witch? If I am then I'm definitely a good one.

Am I a Wisewoman? Absolutely, I was a very odd child who spent a large amount of time with my imaginary friend (a bear called Podgie) At age 6 I was convinced that I could fly, had recurring nightmares of this happening which I now realise where out of body experiences. At age 8 I had a life changing event at a Brownie camp with a Ouiji board! 

I trusted everyone, which is how I have had many high and low points. 

Marriages gone bad, businesses lost and many reinventions of myself. 

I have had times where the only food I had was covered in mould. A real low point was when my Mum died suddenly and I took the half eaten food from her fridge. I was too proud to ask friends and family for help! 

When I was growing up, my longing was to run away and join the circus. I now realise that I did just that - Life is a Circus and I am The Ringmaster/Mistress! Would I change anything ? Absolutely not. I have learnt something special from each chapter of my life. Each page has taught me something that I can share with you. It would be impossible to be The Wisewoman of Wiltshire if I had no life knowledge. 

I am passionate to put this knowledge to good use and guide you through your unique life journey with a spring in your step enjoying  the happiness your deserve.

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