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Pointed Witch Hat

The story starts in 1958 when a baby was born. 

Nobody guessed back then that when she grew up she would be "The Good Witch"

Eva and her family move from Slough to a small village in the West of England

Mandy was an odd child. Convinced that she could fly and spent ages in the company of her imaginary friend, a bear named Podgy.

She spent much time reading, knitting and mixing potions.

Eva who back then was known as Mandy at age 5 begins to plan world domination!

She does this by starting her first business as a librarian.

Mandy gets a taste for entrepreneurial life and by age 11 had begun manufacturing and selling paper flowers.


This was closely followed by the great mitten knitting fiasco!

The teenage years a bit of a blur, although this is where her love hate relationship with fire began.

Adventures owning city centre cafes

Mother and Step mother

Magical Mandy 

Drop Dead Gorgeous


The year of The Splatter Effect

The Cult

Corona Virus - A witch materialises

Husband number 3 - The deportation year

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